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Custom ground and flight training programs for both new and experienced aircraft owners.

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Emergency Procedures Training 

Dealing with uncertainty in the is one of the most challenging parts of flying and is often an area where pilots perform poorly. The airlines recognize this threat and train their pilots extensively to manage emergency situations in a methodical way. This program is designed to provide that same type of training to general aviation pilots. Real-world scenarios mprove your knowledge, pilot decision making skills, and emergency response by presenting a series of six scenarios, based on real-world situations. 

Lost above the cloud

VFR into IMC

Engine failure and the impossible turn

Smoke and fire

Loss of control 

After the accident 

The scenarios can be done individually or as a set and can be customized to meeting specific needs. 

Training Programs 


Private Pilot

Primary training for owners and their families.


Commercial Pilot

Professional training for future professionals.


Mountain Flying

Get comfortable flying in the mountains.


Night Rating

Expand the utility of a private pilot licence.


Instrument Rating

Add precision and purpose to flying.


Flight Reviews

Return to the standard.


Tailwheel Training 

Make circuits fun again. 


Aircraft Checkouts

Learn to fly a new aircraft.


GPS Training

Discover the full functionality of technologically advanced aircraft.

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